Injection molding screws, valves, LSR molding components end caps, nozzles and tips.

Our partner Zeiger Industries manufactures high quality steel components for nearly any injection molding machine on the market. They offer custom fabrication and design where needed and have the experience necessary to select or engineer the right solution for your business.

RAM is proud to offer these American made components from Canton, Ohio. Zeiger’s line of high-performance plasticizing components including injection molding screws, valves, LSR molding components, end caps, nozzles and tips. RAM works with Zeiger to offer their full line of products to customers in New York State everywhere north of Orange County and Putnam County as well as all of Western Pennsylvania.

In an industry where repeatability and longevity are critical to performance and profits, Zeiger’s Mallard valves are chosen by the world’s top injection molding manufacturers. You can be assured your Mallard valves will be built entirely in-house at Zeiger Industries, including heat-treating of all components, from the best quality steel.

Todd Banach’s over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry combined with with Zeiger’s deep knowledge of injection molding and mettalurgy, help us to develop the perfect injection molding screw for your operations. When we make a recommendation, you can be confident it will be the ultimate injection molding screw, optimized for you and your customers.

Zeiger end caps are designed and manufactured to be the ultimate best value for every make and model of injection molding machine on the market today. Zeiger has many OEM design end caps on file, and can customize end caps to fit any individualized needs our customers might have. Whether it’s a replacement end cap or a custom end cap for specialty applications, Zeiger is set up to deliver the product that will perform day in and day out to your satisfaction.

Zeiger’s Nozzles, Tips & Shut-Off Nozzles are available on quick turnaround. We also do custom designs, including custom lengths, and can manufacture your nozzles and tips with specialty steels for any non-standard application.