Smoothly Running Injection Molding Processing

RAM Polymer Systems provides businesses with all the auxiliary equipment needed to smoothly power injection molding processes. We have partnered with WIttmann Battenfeld, the world’s leading provider of granulators, blenders, dryers, temperature controlling units and the auxiliary components that recycle components used for injection molding manufacturing.

We cover all application areas with Wittmann Battenfeld auxiliary equipment that powers the processes for all the equipment that surrounds your injection molding machine. These machines combine incredible durability with seamless integration with all other Wittmann Battenfeld products, including control units with easy to use interfaces.

Wittmann Battenfeld auxiliary equipment guarantees process control and increased flexibility for all plastics processing. These auxiliaries are created through the scope of innovative technology that is designed provide various features that are customized to achieve the greatest results for your injection molding process. No matter what your specifications, we can find a custom solution for you.

Through every stage of the injection molding or extrusion process, RAM Polymer Systems can assist with upgrading any existing equipment or improving your existing processes. Wittmann Battenfeld auxiliaries cover every aspect of the manufacturing process including controlling temperature or cooling, drying, blending, extrusion and recycling.

Using our decades of experience, we can help your company achieve a comprehensive solution for your injection molding process. This can take into account for multiple robots and machines as well as all of the auxiliary equipment needed to supply your manufacturing or recycle leftover material to increase your yield.

RAM Polymer Systems understands that there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work with each individual customer to understand the entire manufacturing process to see how we can package multiple pieces of equipment together to achieve your goals and streamline your processes.