RAM Cooling Systems provides its years of experience to create reliable cooling solutions for the medical industry. Our dedication is to the process of helping you find the right cooling system for your project – whether you are building a new facility or upgrading your existing operation.

Through its partnership with Process Cooling, RAM Cooling Systems can provide your company with a stand-alone chiller, cooling tower or pump or a completely engineered and installed water process solution. Our goal is to provide knowledgeable and reliable water cooling systems.

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The plastics industry needs reliable temperature control units to efficiently create parts and products. RAM Cooling Systems provides plastics manufacturers with complete cooling systems, cooling towers, chillers, temperature control units and water flow regulators made by Process Cooling that are essential to the plastics industry.

With our roots firmly planted in the plastics industry, we are dedicated to finding holistic solutions that will help improve efficiency, reliability and quality through any process. The RAM Cooling Systems partnership with Process Cooling enables companies to purchase single, stand-alone cooling systems or completely engineered and installed solutions.

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Food and Beverage

RAM Cooling Systems provides clean sources of water in addition to other products that help companies in the food and beverage industry. We work closely with various companies, such as microbreweries that are building or retrofitting equipment, to provide temperature control units, cooling towers, chillers.

Through our partnership with Process Cooling, we can provide multiple solutions to companies in the food and beverage industry in addition to just providing water. We can help with water conservation and energy efficiency as well as completely designing and engineering a complete water control system.

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