WFC Retrofitting

The WFT Retrofitting option allows existing and newly acquired Wittmann Battenfeld 101, 301 and 200/230 water flow controller series to be equipped with an entirely automatic control system – without circumstances. Operating temperature 40/60/80/100 degrees Celsius and Pressure 10/8/6/4 bar. With WTF Retrofitting, the flow rate of every single circuit can be readjusted with the manual control valves.

By means of the manual control valves, the flow rate of every single circuit can be readjusted. This very simple retrofitting can accommodate up to eight circuits. The electric connection is 24 V – 50/60 Hz – 0,63 A – AC/DC and comes with a seven-segment display with actual value display, temperature and flow monitoring, isolated alarm contact and control valves in mold forward line and return line come standard.



Wittmann Battenfeld