VM 60 – 200

The Wittman Battenfeld Vm 60 – 200 injection molding machine was designed to enable a flexible and automated production with ultimate precision. The VM is characterized by its compact design with small outer dimensions for space saving production. The VM machine also features the ability to be powered by a drive-on-demand servo motor. The machine is specially suitable for single insertion molds, features a horizontal or vertical injection unit, and sports a vertical clamping unit.

The machine features a hydraulic clamping unit with 4 tie bars and a low working weight, which was designed for the manual insertion and removal of parts. These insertion areas are secured by light barriers, providing optimal access for manual part removal and further automation concepts. The design is utilized as a cost-efficient machine for production processes with low quantities.


VM Series

Clamp Force

60-200 Tons


5-400 Tons

Product Applications

Servo-hydraulic, Injection Molding





Wittmann Battenfeld