DRYMAX E30 and E60

The DRYMAX Series dry air dryers from Wittmann Battenfeld have are equipped with two drying beds for a consistent drying process for plastic resin. These dryers feature a motorized switchover valve, energy saving counter airflow regeneration, SmartFlow intelligent air distribution and material production function. The DRYMAX E60 includes the SmartReg energy-saving function and a microparticle filter on return air.

The DRYMAX E30 and E60 dry air dryers provide energy-efficient and constantly save energy. Options include an integrated dew point sensor with alarm function, which can be utilized to delay bed-switch over for energy savings. High-temperature construction increases process temperature to 180 degrees Celsius. The MicroParticle Filter on the E60 has a dust-separation efficiency of 99.9%.

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